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In 21 century, as the new generations of private investors start to accumulate wealth, a significant part of it becomes digital, including stocks, bonds, debts as well as other personal and corporate assets, which now can be stored as immutable records in the distributed ledger by various algorithmic consensus protocols and which can then be universally accessed by individual users trough an interface protected by an ecliptic cryptography.

Consequently, an old financial service industry is now gradually updated by ambitious tech entrepreneurs to offer its customers the blockchain based solutions, which allow among other things an inter-operable assets safeguard storage and instant exchange, a 24/7 non-discriminative access to individual accounts (wallets), cheep and momentary transacting (including micro-transactions to billions of cent's fractions) and a full compatibility with other financial protocols.

Moreover, in the past two years this new industry has gradually moved from custodial solutions (represented mostly by centralized exchanges) to non-custodial, fully decentralized ones, which received a collective name of 'the DeFi' (Decentralized Finance).

Since their inception in early 2019 DeFi protocols continue their rapid expansion with the total amount of staked crypto-currencies (primarily, ETH) reaching two billion dollars in one year.

Naturally, it brings more and more young investors to this new financial sector. However, most of those newbies have a little practical experience as well as a technical qualification or, even, a base education allowing them to sort out through about 20 thousands (and growing) coins / tokens increasingly available to them for instant, impulsive investing by mobile, user-friendly DeFi interfaces.

As a result, the great majority of investments are hording into a dozen most popular digital assets, including, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, XRP, Cardano, Tezos, Doge, Zcash, Litecoin etc. However, as the number of DeFi investors increases it starts to attract attention of established financial institutions and funds to this new category of assets. With that prices for most popular coins / tokens skyrocket often living behind the majority of small investors, which then have to revert their attention to the next categories of lesser known and riskier assets etc.

That's where SvetRating comes into picture.


Although the general information about the majority of most popular digital assets are easily accessible and seemingly abandon it mostly includes such parameters as coins / tokens spot and historical prices, their trading volumes, total issuance as well as a general description of underlying protocols and, scarce, of a team and a corporate entity usually standing behind it.

However, when it comes to 'lesser' tokens / coins or the state of projects entities' finance and their main holders / backers, there, practically, are not sources of reliable information readily available for investors.

It means that the crucial, underlying data layer of the vast majority of digital assets (excluding those few, fully decentralized ones with ten of thousands of independent geographically distributed nodes all running a core client) are fully missing, which puts the whole Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLT) Industry at the constant risk of manipulations and frauds.

Moreover, comparative fundamental analytics of those assets (including, targeted users auditories / markets and their base protocols development's trajectory) or a comprehensive, non-technical description of their consensus algorithms (specially, their securities flaws) are currently unaccessible for the great majority of private investors, some of which start to consider themselves as the new generation of 'Digital Angels'.


Since 2018 SvetRating had been an early pioneer of the DLT rating industry assigning (among others) their first ratings to such now well know protocols as Harmony, Nervos and Hedera.

SvetRating gathers, analyses and comprises in its 16-parameters based four analytical ratings all critical information about the state of DLT projects' technology, market, business and finance. It's then delivered through mail-lists as well as across the wide spectrum of social media and messaging platforms to the new category of private digital investors in the form of brief (less than 3 min) readers-friendly reviews and periodic analytical reports covering the state of DLT market's fundamentals.

As SvetRating continues to grow it also starts to provide its auditory with an additional functionality, including, a dashboard for blockchain startups investors presentation sessions (both on and off-line), digital assets instant appraisal and valuation tools and, importantly, a smart contracts based p2p decentralized exchange for a vetted coins / tokens augmented by an automated reimbursement of contributions (based on milestones oracles and voting).

That effectively converts SvetRating into the full-stack DeFi based analytical and long-term investments platform for the new, digital-age generation of Business Angels.

More information about SvetRating future growth perspectives, including its potential to disrupt VCs, due-diligence and auditing markets, can be found in its Visionary Paper.


SvetRating network runs on three main protocols: the data protocol (includes, an Oracle and an API); the validation protocol, which algorithmically verifies all ratings / reports before passing its to the rating consensus protocol, which defines the current ratings state.

Essentially, SvetRating is a decentralized finance platform with the proprietary consensus algorithm, which is described in details in its Technical Paper (available by request).


SvetRating has a large group of readers and followers ( > 20 thousands) distributed all over the world and is supervised by the Bay Area (CA, USA) Community of blockchian and crypto-currencies early enthusiasts, which includes professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds including coders, auditors, lawyers, academics and entrepreneurs. Some of them are presented on the page 'Who Are We?'

SvetRating's total addressable market is about $1-2 billion. Currently, SvetRating is working under the US jurisdiction with clients coming, primarily, from USA and EU. Its main office is located in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

The detailed description of SvetRating business and its future perspectives can be found in its Business Paper (available by request).

SVET Token

The native token of the platform is called 'Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Token' or 'SVET' (see its Contract).

SVET is the fully audited, ERC20 compliant utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. SVET allows companies / projects to gain access to the reports / rankings without undermining experts' independence and rewards them proportionally to the quality of their rankings / reviews.

SVET is absolutely essential to assure SvetRating impartiality and is also used in platform's community governance. Its price depends on the number of endogenous and exogenous factors and is defined by the SVET Econometric Model detailed in the Tokenomics Paper (available by request).

If you have further questions, want to contribute to the development of the SvetRating platform or need an investor access to the platform, please, send us an email to (RE: SvetRating Pitch) or join our groups in Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

How SvetRating is different?

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