Svet Sedov

Svet is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur, who lives and works in Silicon Valley, CA, USA. Svet has 14 projects under his belt among which are the largest East European on-line retailers and the Stock Exchange. He also owns and runs FirstInternational.In - the five-years-old incubator for international companies localed in Palo Alto, California.

Svet had started his career in Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting (AA&AC) as the business systems analyst and during the following decade had been promoted to the Partner and acquired additional professional degrees in Accounting, Appraisal, Investment Banking, Private Equities and Venture Capital. Among his clients were more than a dozen international corporations from the top of Fortune 500 list, including, JP Morgan, Solomon Brothers, Shell, Exxon, BP, GM, HP, Dell, Boeing, Ford, AT&T, Motorola, PepsiCo, Ottis, McDonalds, Mariotte, Procter & Gamble and others.

After leaving AA&AC Svet found his own investment fund and became one of the early decentralization enthusiasts. In 2008 he launched the first Russian community owned platform for trading shares of privately owned startup companies, which was later transformed into the Russian NASDAQ.

In 2014 Svet founded the first Russian incubator in Silicon Valley (FRISCO). In 2015 he joined the Hacker Dojo's Ethereum community in Mountain View, CA. During the following years he had became one of the first Silicon Valley blockchain community organizer, blockchain coder and smart contracts architect.

Among non-profit initiatives Svet runs the expert group "Ask Svet About Crypto", where he reviews and analyzes DLT whitepapers, mentors several blockchain startups and serves as an advisor to San Francisco and Bay Area based blockchain hackathons.

Svet has more than 1000 publications about blockchain startups and crypto-currencies in various on-line medias with a number of views exceeding halve-a-million. He has about 20,000 followers on various social platforms.

Svet travels extensively in the World. During his career he's been working and living in more than 40 countries on three continents: America, Africa and EuroAsia. Those life experiences provide him with the unique, global, world-wide view on the business and social interactions, which now constitutes the core of his approach to help international startups striving to reach the highest level of success.

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Series: History, Politics, Economy, Startups and Bitcoin Everywhere in the World.

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