SvetRating 'Elevator' Pitch


SvetRating will provide you with analytical ratings, detailed technical reviews and smart contracts interfaces needed to make informed investment decisions and to enter into the new digital assets class category - early stage companies' tokens listed on the Decentralized Finance market (DeFi).


DeFi is universally accessible to the new digital age on-line investors ('Digital Angels') through multiple blockchain-based decentralized algorithms. However, this openness also creates multiple risks of manipulations and frauds.


SvetRating helps Digital Angels, who have an interest to invest long-term and possess a minimal capital of $500 but not technical knowledge and financial expertise, to differentiate and to invest into early-stage digital assets by managing and mitigating those risks.


Unlike a few main-stream competitors SvetRating combines the wisdom of the crowd with crypto-experts opinions and enhances it by the proprietary consensus protocol, which allows to algorithmically reach an agreement on the state of a particular rating at any moment in time.


SvetRating has a core group of followers and periodic review readers exceeding 20 thousands people from all around the world and is maintained by the Bay Area (CA, USA) Community of blockchian coders and crypto-currencies early enthusiasts.


Please, reach us at or join our groups in Telegram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

How SvetRating is different?

There are many review and ranking platforms but none combines community's opinion with experts' professional insights.


Be open minded and listen carefully to other people's opinions.


Support your opinion by facts and details.


Do not be boring and repetitive.

Here might be your Review.

Why Shall You Use SvetRating?

Community Members

To make our Industry better by sharing your honest opinion and applying your professional expertise.


To objectively weigh up the pros and cons of your project.


To compare opinions of the enthusiasts and experts.

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