An Open Letter To You

We think that it's very important to explain to everyone outside of our relatively small community of Bay Area and San Francisco crypto-currencies enthusiasts why the resource we've created is needed today.

We all had been exited (both emotionally and financially) by the sudden rise and subsequent fall of this market, which some call "cryptocurrencies", "coins / tokens" and some - "blockchains" - depending on the "ideological" affiliation.

We all have embraced (or thought that we did) this new revolution, which, as we had anticipated, will not only completely change the nature of financial industry and of what we call "money", but also will allow small and medium companies (startups including) to explore decentralized businesses models and to receive access to an initial capital, which has been denied for so long to them by the over-sized banks, over-leveraged and secretive quasi- global VC corporations and governments' pseudo- democratic "monetary authorities".

However, what we have seen in the past three-four years has only confirmed the old Peter Parker's maximum - "with great power comes the great responsibility".

We are now painfully realizing that the "dual" nature of cryptocurrencies, which represent at the same time MoE/SoV/UoA as well as companies/projects equities/shares, means that we, ourselves, who create those new blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies businesses, must bare the double responsibility.

First, we have to assure that digital assets we've produced have real-world applications, making them useful for hundreds of thousands or even millions of people around the world besides being a toy for our "economic laboratories" experimentations or an unique and dangerous speculative vehicle.

Second, we must provide people, which buy our coins and tokens, with the safe-guard from a complete devaluation of those algorithmic instruments by linking them to the value of other assets most of which have not yet been digitalized.

Well, we all now know that it's much easier to say than to do.

Only a handful from several thousands of projects launched in the period 2014 - 2019 can pass today this dual-responsibility test not to mention a close scrutiny of the rigorous due-diligence.

That is why we have created this resource, which, in fact, presents itself the first, decentralized due-diligence platform for "blockchain" (or "DLT") and crypto-currencies projects.

We believe that exposing those projects (and not only their "coins") to everyday inspection of thousands of independent observes (voluntary auditors) around the world will not only put additional pressure on those unscrupulous individuals, who want to convert their marketing and computer "skills" into "get-rich-quick" schemes, but also to help honest entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their genuine businesses.

We hope that you will join us in this exiting journey, which had began for us as a local community of Telegram closed group members a year ago (September 3, 2018) and which now leads us to other similar communities around the world.

Thank you!

For those of you who want to due-diligence SVETrating project itself, here's the link to its whitepaper.

If, instead, you prefer to jump right into it then you might:

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