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In old hearts of our supreme rulers an incontrollable horror in front of the unstoppable cellular entity is now coupled with an instinctive, hereditary fear of unguarded crowds.

As a result, we hardly can leave our houses without the risk of being detained under the orders of either police or health officers. It turns out that those two powers work together quite harmoniously and despites our childish hopes and dreams, injected into our brains sells by corporate medias, that alliance won't be broken anytime soon.

How long will unelected bureaucrats in bluish overcoats and gloves continue to destroy the global economy supplying the riot material for generals to manufacture their careers from, is anyone's guess. It might take 5 months or, giving the right political circumstances, it might also take 50 years.

After all, the same archaic system, which now holds us under the house arrest without even a tiny bit of legality behind it - only under the bogus pretext of 'the war on virus', has been already fighting another two wars (on 'drugs' and 'terror', of course) for almost 100 years combined.

So what we can do about it? Naturally, we can not do 'The Revolution' - for that our fighting spirit has been too soften by decades of 'gilded prosperity'. How about some profits, then?

You see, there is now a growing discrepancy between the health enforcement apparatus and the global surveillance machine. The later has already spent trillions of taxpayers dollars on installing facial recognition devices on each and every corner of our (theirs, in fact) cities. On the other hand, the former wants us to hide our features behind various types of screens, to prevent, as they firmly believe, the end of civilization.

What's the solution, then? Obviously, there are so many.

They can, for instance, force all of their citizens to install a tracking / auto-identification apps on all personal communication device. That's one. But it's difficult to enforce. Besides, it will give too much power to silicon valley types which are generally ostracized by the current elite mostly composed of hereditary landlords interspersed by bankers, cemented by lawyers and protected by uniforms.

Much simpler and politically safer solution is to ban all non-transparent masks. Here how this business goes:

The minimum price for a fully transparent face mask is about $15. The maximum cost is about $5. It provides $10 upside on each human being older than 14 on this planet (74% of total population or about 5.5 billion people).

Of course, the best part is that those masks are wearing off fast and must be changed once a month as minimum (this transparent types are, naturally, more durable than those funny pieces of carbonated tissue most of us wear now).

Suddenly, it gets us $700 billion and growing market. Only think about the potential of "fashion mask" industry.

Therefore, if you're tired of sitting on your sofa playing crypto-games get yourself some stuck of soda bottles and get to work :)