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Business Memo: SVET Rating Game Of Angels (GOA)Angels Source

Trading simulators are plenty but angel investing ones are absent. will be the first of this kind.

The idea is that after listing a new startup on its founders set a list of milestones each of which is associated with a preceding funding round. To participate in this round users receive SVET token after initial registration.

On each of the rounds they can either buy or sell startup's tokens according to startup's valuation expressed in SVET and set by founders in negotiations with major token-holders. Users can also trade p2p among themselves between rounds unless it's not constrained by the lockup investment clauses. Generally speaking, this kind of in-between rounds trades are not encouraged because users are supposed to do long-term stakes on startups - not to seek a opportunistic gains.

Additionally, will act as a market maker for startups with zero liquidity.

To implement GOA MVP svetrating needs to add the following functionality:

- startups time-valuation milestones input / output form, which is, basically, the extended add_project_main.html (with additional milestones fields added to it) for input and info_list.html or capital_list.html for output;
- a set of exchange smart contracts between SVET and startup tokens;
- an information dash-board with a list of all startups as well as buy / sell orders (order book) linked to exchange smart contracts;
- in a future it might be added by a registry containing information about all users holdings as well as and their stakes in startups.

To founders GOA provides media exposure alongside with an early access to potential investors as some of svetrating users might in the future convert their SVET holdings into ETH.

To users GOA is a learning tools as well as a safe entry point into the long-term (angel) investing business.

Overall GOA is a novel platform, which doesn't have precedents neither in DLT nor on traditional markets.