Kyber Network Trust Review and Rating (SVET)


Kyber Network tokens (KNC or ‘Kyber Network Crystal’) together with all other DEXs coins have experienced the 2020 Renaissance during which its prices 10x on sharply rising volumes during January — March period and then (after March 15 tectonic downward eruption) added an another leg up but this time a bit less enthusiastically, while the wave of new byers arriving to the market has been gradually flattening.

You shall not be some kind of a technical analysis genius to notice the massive discrepancies in prices to volumes ratio existing between two periods — those of 2017/18 and the most resent one in 2020.

That picture is the abnormal one and reveals massive speculative fever when the same number of coins are frantically changing hands multiple times. It can’t be sustained without constant inflow of new buyer to the market, which I doubt we have had left too many (unless, of course, some major crypto-fund suddenly opens the gates for its LPs into our DeFi mad kindergarten). Hence, ‘Sustainability’ is ‘c+’.

It doesn’t, of course, mean that KNC could not appreciate further, specially, if the wales school, which had played this market all winter-summer season round will feel itself reinvigorated by the continuing to the fall BTC sleep-rally and pump back part of their profits into DeFi. Meanwhile, I do not see as project fundamentals (such as, f.e. a relatively low number of Kyber users) can substantiate Kyber’s present marketcap over $300 million. Result, ‘Value’ is ‘b-’.

As I said, the level of users engagement (usability) with KNC is very low, but the fact that this coin is designed to be used in KyberDAO for voting makes me waver a bit and I am compelled to keep its ‘Engagement’ rating at ‘b’ level. Consider it as a credit though :)

On the other hand transacting with and holding ERC20 KNC token is not an issue. However, astronomical fees you have now to pay for all EVN based transactions makes Kyber useless fro micro-payments. Result, ‘Transactions’ is ‘b-’.

Result for TRUST (Sustainability — Value — Engagement — Transactions): c+/b-/b/b-

[Please, do not forget that I am not your financial advisor and all above was not intended to be a financial advise, of course. You’ve got to use your own gray matter enclosed between both of your ears to take all important as well as unimportant financial decisions.]

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What Is SVET Rating?

SVET Rating is the first public praxiological (human actions driven) rating. It takes into account combine effects of cognitive, emotional and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions dealing with crypto currencies and blockchain projects. Uses S.V.E.T. Metrics = System + Vision + Execution + Tokenomics. Includes 16 parameters. Accounts for main drivers of public behavior: technology, economy, organization and psychology. Integrates insights from independent experts and everyday users

  • Security (safety): for defenders (
    - The Protector: Warm-hearted and dedicated, they are always ready to protect the people they care about.
  • Velocity (scalability): for megalomaniacs (
    - The Commander: Outspoken and confident, they are great at making plans and organizing projects.
  • Engineering (design): for geeks (
    - The Architect: High logical, they are both very creative and analytical.
  • Transparency (decentralization): for crypto punks (
    - The Crafter: Highly independent, they enjoy new experiences that provide first-hand learning.
  • Singularity (uniqueness): for Individualists (
    - The Artist: Easy-going and flexible, they tend to be reserved and artistic.
  • Volume (market): for Globalists (
    - The Performer: Outgoing and spontaneous, they enjoy taking center stage.
  • Empathy (enthusiasm): for Tribes (
    - The Persuader: Out-going and dramatic, they enjoy spending time with others and focusing on the here-and-now.
  • TimeLine (road-map): for Visionaries (
    - The Mediator: Idealistic with high values, they strive to make the world a better place.
  • Solution (business): for Dealmakers (
    - The Director: Assertive and rule-oriented, they have high principles and a tendency to take charge.
  • Validity (legality): for Lawyers (
    - The Inspector: Reserved and practical, they tend to be loyal, orderly, and traditional.
  • Equity (finance): For Venture Capitalists (
    - The Advocate: Creative and analytical, they are considered one of the rarest types.
  • Team: for Friends (
    - The Caregiver: Soft-hearted and outgoing, they tend to believe the best about other people.
  • Sustainability (stability): for Sages (
    - The Thinker: Quiet and introverted, they are known for having a rich inner world.
  • Value (venture): for Adventurers (
    - The Debater: Highly inventive, they love being surrounded by ideas and tend to start many projects (but may struggle to finish them).
  • Engagement (usability): for Pragmatics (
    - The Giver: Loyal and sensitive, they are known for being understanding and generous.
  • Transactions (speed): for Travelers (
    - The Champion: Charismatic and energetic, they enjoy situations where they can put their creativity to work.

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