SVET Rays Paper.

Version Green, July 2021


  1. Brief.
  2. SVET Vision
    • Singularity (project's uniqueness).
    • Volume (targeted market size).
    • Empathy (appeal to users).
    • Timeline (project schedule).
  3. SVET System
    • Security (resistance to attacks).
    • Velocity (scalability and throughput).
    • Engineering (system design).
    • Transparency (decentralization).
  4. SVET Execution
    • Solution (business model).
    • Validity (legal).
    • Equity (finance).
    • Team.
  5. SVET Token
    • Sustainability (token price stability).
    • Value (token long-term value).
    • Engagement (token utility).
    • Transactions (token on exchanges).


SVET Rating is the world's first decentralized analytics network active on a crypto-market since 2018. It introduces the proprietary human-machine consensus algorithm and uses an unique human-orientated ranking methodology.

SVET Vision

SVET goal is to establish the global, decentralized Rating and Review Publishing platform ('scoring media') that is resistant to fraud and manipulation, while delivering quality, reliable investment ratings for DLT projects. The platform operates through a validation mechanism, with each additional rating from existing and new participants reinforcing the authenticity and value of the platform. The platform will also incentivize participants for providing genuine, unbiased, honest ratings, which will allow it to establish a reputation for meaningful and quality information that potential users can trust.

Given the level of technological, business and financial uncertainty on the DLT market, individual and corporate investors need independent ratings to objectively evaluate the DLT projects. With an acceleration of the technological trends that are ceaselessly impacting the DLT market, SvetRating will revolutionize traditional ratings by introducing a customer reward system, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


in 2018 SVET had been the only one decentralized scoring-media pltform on the crypto-market. During the past three years a growing adaption of cryptocurrencies has broght to market about a dozen numer-crushing analytical platforms and a couple of main-strem ratings agencies' imitators. Still SVET Ratings stands from them by its proved records, accumulatd analytical experience, and analytics methodology aimed at a regular (ot technical) user.


the number of new coins / projects issued only on Uniswap has been growing past 12 months with a rate of 1-2 coins every 5-10 minutes. Accordingly, the size of the addressed market is, also growing astronomically and it has already far exceeded our initial (2018) estimations of USD 100 million (~ 10-50 billion).


due to its decentralization and independence from big corporations SVET appeals primarily to crypto-enthusiasts, which care about brining more transparency and accountability into crypto-space.


SVET four main development phases: Red (ratings for several HNWI), Green (ratings and indexes for multiple HNWI), Golden (rating, index and publishing for crypto-traders) and Blue (rating, index and publishing on SVET own blockchain for all crypto-investors/hodlers).

Visionary Paper

SVET System

One of the main advantages and, at the same time, challenges of the DLT market is its built-in resistance to states' regulations. On the one hand it opens a door for revolutionary innovations. On the other, it undermines the established enforcement and controlling institutions such as government financial oversight agencies (f.e. SEC, FinCen and IRS) and traditional auditing / ranking companies.

Not only those old entities are slow and technologically degraded but also the majority of younger web-users all across the world profoundly dislike them and no longer believe in their impartiality. That dramatic shift from good to bad and then to ugly, which happened in mass perception of those state and private regulatory agencies in the past couple of decade can't been "unshift" any time soon - not with Millennial and Gen Z generations.

That leaves us with the necessity to fill in the widening gap between the financial and technical data downloaded by projects' marketers into the public networks and the actual state of the new DLT businesses / startups. Of course, algorithmic consensus mechanisms are as good as the processed data. However, we don't have yet any accounting and business records of established companies (and, of course, those of startups) enchained. Highly unlikely that we will have it in the mid-term future, not with all those outdated bureaucratic states' apparatuses hanging heavily on our shoulders.

Therefore, we, either, have to rely, again, on the very expensive opinions of the newly formed "blockchain consulting divisions" of big auditing firms (such as E&Y, PWC and DT) (and we, obviously, better not to), or to start building decentralized ranking / auditing network(s) by ourselves. intends to be the first of those networks.


SVET will undergo a full smart contracts audit.


only authorized nodes can join SVET network.


SVET network runs on three main protocols: the data protocol, which discovers and broadcasts new ratings / reports; the validation protocol, which specifies what makes a rating / report valid; the rating consensus protocol ("SVET Consensus"), which forms consensus around a project rating. "SVET Consensus" presents itself a unique, proprietary human-machine consensus algorithm.


SVET is a fully decentralized network, which requires full identities disclosure from its validators and authorizes its nodes. That renders a permission-based network.

Link: SVET Technical Paper.

SVET Execution.


SVET provides the solution to the issue of the lack of independent, decentralized, verifiable and attacks-resistant prove of facts related to crypto entities and its issuance to the public in a comprehensive (entertaining) form. It sources of revenues includes projects / investors staking SVET to receive rating updates and personally tuned analytics from local countries- centric authors.


US legal burdens and multiple regulatory obstacles allows SVET to keep only analytics and code development center in the Bay Area, CA. All SVET management / administration, marketing and finance/ investments activities are conducted overseas. SVET legal representation will be opened in one of the countries with maximum crypto-friendly legal regime after SVET IDO event.


SVET fixed costs include developers' salaries and analytics' fees. SVET also will bare marketing expenses during IDO (mostly, fees to 'influencers'). Additionally, it will have to pay lawyers involved in launching and servicing our oversees entity. SVET token is the only source from which it can be financed.


Svet - dev, writing and analytic; Enrique - finance; Stan - dev; Sergey - dev; Vitaliy - dev; Aadesh - marketing, Viktor - design.

Svet Sedov, Founder, CTO, Product Development Team

Svet is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur, who lives and works in the Silicon Valley, CA, USA. He started his career in the Academy of Science as a mathematician and then was hired by Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting ("Accenture") as an Information System Analyst. Among his clients were more than a dozen international corporations from the top of Fortune 500 list, including, JP Morgan, Solomon Brothers, Shell, Exxon, BP, GM, HP, Dell, Boeing, Ford, AT&T, Motorola, PepsiCo, Ottis, McDonalds, Mariotte, Procter & Gamble and others.

After leaving AA&AC in a rank of Partner Svet found his own investment fund and became one of the early decentralization enthusiasts. In 2008 he launched the first European publicly owned, redistributed platform for trading shares of seed-stage startup companies. In 2015 he joined the Hacker Dojo's Ethereum club in Mountain View, CA. During the following years he had became one of the first Silicon Valley blockchain community organizers, a blockchain coder and a smart contracts architect. Today he has 14 projects under his belt including one of the largest EU online retailers. He also owns and runs "FirstInternational.In" - the five-years-old incubator for blockchain companies (Palo Alto, CA). Svet is a graduate of the Maryland School Of Business.

Svet has more than 1000 publications about blockchain startups and crypto-currencies in various on-line medias with a number of views exceeding halve-a-million. He has about 20,000 followers on various social platforms. Among other his non-profit initiatives Svet runs the expert group in Telegram "Ask Svet About Crypto", where he reviews and analyzes DLT whitepapers for free.

Personal Page:

Contact in Telegram: @svetsedov

Professor Jeff Flowers, Senior Advisor.

Jeff - Professor within the Math Science Division's Chemistry Department and Senior Instructor of Blockchain University in San Mateo, CA - is a legend in the Silicon Valley blockchain community. Jeff has been one of the first DLT evangelists and educators in the Bay Area. Jeff is well know among blockchain professionals for his keen intellect, plethora of knowledge and unmitigated support of the local blockchain community.


SVET Token.

The native token of the platform is Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Token or SVET (also, "S" for "Security", "V" for "Vision", "E" for "Entrepreneurship", "T" for "Tokenomics"). It is the utility token that allows companies / projects to gain access to the reports / rankings found on the platform, as well as enables users to get rewards by generating quality rankings. SVET is ERC20 issued on the Ethereum Virtul Machine. SVET is also a SVET DAO voting token.

Sustainability: 5 cents / 1 SVET

Value: 10 USD / 1 SVET

Engagement: SVET is used as a base currency on SVET platform to pay analytics and devs. SVET has to be staked by investors and projects to buy SVET indexes an ratings.

Transactions: SVET is listed on Uniswap.

How SvetRating is different?

There are many review and ranking platforms but none combines community's opinion with experts' professional insights.


Be open minded and listen carefully to other people's opinions.


Support your opinion by facts and details.


Do not be boring and repetitive.

Here might be your Review.

Why Shall You Use SvetRating?

Community Members

To make our Industry better by sharing your honest opinion and applying your professional expertise.


To objectively weigh up the pros and cons of your project.


To compare opinions of the enthusiasts and experts.

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