Who Are We?

What Are We?

SvetRating is the decentralized due-diligence communal platform, pioneering the use of a multi-dimensional rating scale spanning blockchain companies as well as startups. SvetRating stands apart from others in this field, as we understand the need to combine the collective knowledge and experience of both the "crowd" and "professionals" working in this space.

Where Do We Come From?

SvetRating is nestled in Silicon Valley, the cradle of innovation, and curated by a local community of decentralization enthusiasts and blockchain coders.

Where Are We Going?

We seek to open a new way to assess decentralized ledger technology (DLT) projects. This entails crafting novel mechanisms and tools to understand fundamentals, and applying these to blockchain so that entrepreneurs, investors as well as enthusiasts around the World can benefit from the insights we develop.

How SvetRating is different?

There are many review and ranking platforms but none combines community's opinion with experts' professional insights.


Be open minded and listen carefully to other people's opinions.


Support your opinion by facts and details.


Do not be boring and repetitive.

Here might be your Review.

Why Shall You Use SvetRating?

Community Members

To make our Industry better by sharing your honest opinion and applying your professional expertise.


To objectively weigh up the pros and cons of your project.


To compare opinions of the enthusiasts and experts.

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