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RATING UPDATE: Despite AXS dramatic fall from its pick of over 160 USD a year ago to its present price of about 15 (Sustainability is c) - which also led to AXS marketcap to drop from over USD 20 bln to USD 2 in just six months (Value is b) - added by the devastating (100x) crash of Axie game token (SLP) from 0.2 to 0.002 USD, Axie is still generating revenues from its players continuing engagement with the platform (Transactions is b+). RE (cointelegraph): Axie sold over 325,000 Axies at more than 3,500 ETH in total, approximately $3.9 million during bear market -
However, that is far below levels reached during 2021 craze, when platform generated over 100 million USD monthly.
Additionally, users are now distracted from Axie by competing platforms like SandBox (Engagement is b-).
However, if Play and Earn industry experiences new surge of interest coming from retail investors and VCs, AXS is likely to be one of the first tokens to benefit from that.
On top of that, as more big corps warm up to P(and)E space, Axie might announce some big partnerships in the medium to long terms perspectives