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RATING UPDATE : The Cambrian explosion of DeFi protocols has drastically changed the crypto-trading landscape. As a result, AMMs present now many viable decentralized alternatives to the Binance centralized trading platform, which might reduce its revenues in a future (Solution is a-). Additionally, the Binance company has long been in the focus of SEC efforts to bring down DeFi. According to the unconfirmed information, Gary Gensler started to investigate BNB for listing of unregistered securities already in Jan-Feb of 2021. Moreover, as the recession progresses, planetary bureaucracy will be applying more pressure on all crypto-exchanges trying to cover their govs budgets deficits by increased tax proceedings. Therefore, Binance is likely to meet more formidable regulatory challenges in a future all around the world (Validity is b). Still, with the BNB marketcap exceeding 40 bln USD, Binance has one of the deepest pockets on the market (Equity is a) from where it can almost indefinitely support its most experienced executive teams in the crypto world (Team is a) and continue to expand Binance network of high-level political connections. Binance remains (and most likely continues to be) one of the crypto market major strongholds.