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Kava System and SVET.Rating
SVET System( Security-Velocity-Engineering-Transparency)
Security: Kava is a decentralized platform (DeFi) that provides a stable coin and loans. A serious audit of this project was conducted. CertiK conducted several security audits of the Kava platform and rated it at - 95 points. You can view the audit report – they are transparent and available for study. The report states that a thorough security assessment was carried out to help the project itself, so that users would not encounter scammers. Along with each security bug, a recommendation was given to developers. The developers, in turn, took them into account, and already at the second audit, fewer errors were detected.
Security rating – a
Velocity: The Kava platform is the first blockchain that has 1 level. It combines speed and scalability. Thanks to the innovative and transparent program, it is easy to use and you will be properly rewarded (according to the developers). Thanks to the Ethereum and cosmos ecosystem, a chain is being created that makes it easy to interact with each other. This system greatly helps novice developers in their endeavors, they can work in any environment.
Velocity rating – b+
Engineering: The unique architecture of the Kava platform provides a free flow of users, assets and projects. All of them work on the high-speed Tendermint Core protocol. Also, the Co-Chain architecture is the main feature of this project. Co-Chain works according to the following principle - the cosmos Co-Chain is optimized for developers of the cosmos ecosystem, and the Ethereum chain is optimized for developers of the Ethereum ecosystem. And all this is connected by the Translator module. It is he who allows them to work easily and quickly on a large scale.
Engineering rating - a
Transparency: Dao Kava is a fully decentralized autonomous organization, it manages the project network. Compiled with the help of Kava validators, the DAO helps to track how the network functions, how it needs to be changed, and most importantly, controls the operation of the chains (which were mentioned earlier). DAO Kava puts forward – self-government. The participants make a great contribution to the development of security and the development of the project. It is these facts that guarantee that the project, first of all, thinks about the interests of the user.
Transparency rating – b+