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RATING UPDATE: Security [On September 22 2022 second Avalanche hack hits Vee Finance for $35M in assets. Zabu Finance suffered a hack that led to the loss of assets worth US$3.2 million on September 12 2022. ] (b) - Velocity [Number of new Contracts on Avalanche Network decreases 46 percent from 8.7th (21Q4) to 4.7th (22Q3)] (b) - Engineering [Avalanche network functionality advances adding subnets with configurable fees and Elastic Subnets. Also Subnets on the Fuji Testnet will begin transitioning onto the Avalanche mainnet. It is accompanied by the expansion of the P-Chain validator set.] (a) - Transparency [Number of Validators increased 11 percent from 1138 (21Q4) to 1273 (22Q3)] (b)