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Solution [Avalanche Revenues (QQ) grew from USD 30M (21Q4) to 39M (22Q3). Additionally, NFT Sales Volumes rose from USD 36M (21Q4) to 47M (22Q3). ] (b+) - Validity [Legal status of Avalanche has not changed significantly.] (b) - Equity [In April 2022 Ava Labs, builder of the Avalanche blockchain, was raising a funding round USD 350 million (USD 5.25B valuation), according to a Bloomberg report. Since then I have not seen reports that this round was completed.] (b) - Team [ KKR & Co, a leading global investment firm, announced partnering with digital-assets specialist Securitize. Together, they plan to tokenize part of KKRs Health Care Strategic Growth Fund and make it available on Avalanches public blockchain.] (a)