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“Solana Review and V&D Rating”
V&D.Vision (Singularity - Volume - Empathy - Timing/Timeline)

Singularity: Let's see what this project is, what features it has and whether it has competitors. «Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more». [1]. The creation of a secure, scalable, and fully decentralized platform that can provide uninterrupted bandwidth for thousands of nodes is the main activity of Solana. The project was founded in 2017, the launch of the main network took place in March 2020. Solana has its own gas token SOL for the functioning of its own system. All operations with smart contracts consume it. This token helps to maintain the security of the network and makes it possible to receive part of the inflation in the form of a reward - all this happens due to the ability to steak SOL.
What value can be highlighted in this project? First, it is worth saying that they follow the principle of low cost. This means that the cost of transactions is less than $ 0.01, not only for developers, but also for users. This is due to the scalability of the project. Secondly, it is impossible not to say about the speed of work. The block time is only 400 milliseconds. Fast network operation is characterized by fast hardware operation. Solana can support more than 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) under peak load. By comparison, it's almost 3,000 times faster than Ethereum (~15 TPS) and about 1,000 times faster than Bitcoin (~5–7 TPS). Thirdly, Solana always remains open to running applications, the work of the transaction will never stop.
Let's move now to the competitors of the Solana project. Now, the following strong competitors can be distinguished on the market:
• Fantom. A project that has existed since 2018, the task of which is to solve the problem of scalability of Ethereum. The work is based on the Lachesis consensus algorithm.
• Avalanche. Avalanche began its work in 2020. The platform is engaged in the execution of smart contracts. Has the ability to process about 4.5 thousand transactions per second
• Ethereum. Ethereum was launched in 2015 in test mode. On the basis of the platform, you can create various projects for decentralized DeFi finance, various platforms for cryptocurrency lending.
• Tezos. Tezos began its work in the fall of 2018. A key feature of the Tezos blockchain is that not only holders of nodes can earn on the staking of the native XTZ coin.
Rating Singularity b

Volume: To determine the popularity of Solana, let's turn to the metrics taken from the CoinMarketCap website at the time of writing the review. The price of Solana (SOL) is $ 110.83; Market capitalization is $ 32,801,115,555; Volume is $ 3,673,354,847; Circulating offer is 320,463,678.29 SOL; Total offer is 511,616,946 SOL. In addition, to date (02.03.2022) Volume - $ 3,673,354,847 and if we compare with the Volume figures on the same date last year, the difference is an impressive figure, namely $ 3,494,804,995. At the time of writing, Solana has almost 1548 validators, which confirms the fact of one of the widespread blockchains. These statistics prove that the Solana project is becoming more attractive in the world due to its advantages described earlier in the review. Rating Volume b+

Empathy: Let's now move on to the analysis of the Solana community. This project has official representations in various social networks. Telegram, Reddit and Discord. Let's start with Telegram. At the time of writing the review (02.03.2022) there are 91 241 subscribers in the official Telegram group with a permanent online of 6587 people approximately. There is a friendly atmosphere in the group, users receive quick and high-quality answers from admins, they do not show negativity, everything is clear and to the point. There are separate chats for different countries, which is very convenient in terms of communication.
As for the Account in Reddit, periodically during the day questions are asked and, in the comments, either other users or admins give an answer. Various memes and questions about the company are published, etc. There is activity, comments are live, people share information and recommendations.
Discord - 115423 participant, 12869 online. Messages are similar in characteristics to messages in Telegram.
There is also a YouTube channel, which currently has 29.5 thousand subscribers, videos are released almost every week. For all the time 713,863 views, the average number of views recently is about 400. The audience is active, there are comments under the video. Rating Empathy c

Timeline: Let's analyze what the project has been able to achieve to date. Solana announced that 489 million SOL tokens will be issued in circulation. Now, almost 260 million are already operating on the market. Please note that Solana is actively implementing its plans and over the past 7 days the price of Solana has increased by 14.00%. Over the past day (from 01.03 to 02.03) the price increased by 5.41%. The current SOL price is $102.35. And now let's talk about the future of the Solana project. Solana plans to hold various events for the near future, such as "The Solana Foundation New York Hacker House is a six-day offline event with in-person guidance from core Solana Labs engineers, as well as mentorship from other partners.". [2]. Recently, Solana has shown rapid and active growth. Innovations allow us to process a large number of transactions, which is very attractive to customers. If this continues, the likelihood of the project becoming a leader in the number of active users will only increase, which will give even greater stability in the cryptocurrency market. Rating Timeline b

Rating: b / b+ / c / b


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