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“Avalanche Review and Rating”
SVET. Vision (Singularity - Volume - Empathy - Timing/Timeline)

Singularity: «Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. ». [1]. The project is designed to become a kind of global place for the exchange of assets, which allows you to launch, control and trade assets in a decentralized way using smart contracts and other technologies. The project was launched in September 2020. The project has its own token, AVAX, which implements various tasks. It is also used as a system of payments and rewards for users. What is the singularity and value of Avalanche?
1) The speed of the transaction. Developers believe that this is the first network that can conduct transactions in a fraction of a second.
2) The developers aim to create a single world of assets to ensure unhindered access.
3) Developers can create various objects. For example, blockchains, digital versions of any asset, imitations of regulatory requirements and so on. Everyone can dictate how the blockchain should work.
4) AVAX token can be used as passive income.
Let's move now to the competitors of the Avalanche project. What are the competitors of the project in the market?
• Fantom. A project that has existed since 2018, the task of which is to solve the problem of scalability of Ethereum. The work is based on the Lachesis consensus algorithm.
• Ethereum. You can make different projects for decentralized DeFi finance.
• Tezos. Tezos began its work in the fall of 2018. Not only holders of nodes can earn on the staking of the native XTZ coin.
• Solana. The cost of transactions is less than $0.01 not only for developers, but also for users.

Singularity rating b

Volume: To determine the popularity of Avalanche, let's turn to the indicators taken from the CoinMarketCap website at the time of writing the review (04.10.2022). Avalanche (AVAX) Price is $84.96; Market Cap - $22,794,402,246; Volume - $416,478,926; Circulating Supply - 268,300,872.96 AVAX; Total Supply - 395,891,290.
The number of users is estimated at hundreds of thousands, which indicates the successful implementation of the project. At the time of writing, Avalanche has almost 1442 validators, which confirms the fact of one of the widespread blockchains. These statistics prove that the Avalanche project is becoming more attractive in the world due to its advantages described earlier in the review.

Volume rating b

Empathy: Let's now move on to the analysis of the Avalanche community. In what social networks can the project be found? Telegram, Reddit and Discord. Let's start with Telegram. At the time of writing the review (04.11.2022) subscribers in the official Telegram group 49 438 people with a permanent online of 3499 people approximately. In the group there is a friendly atmosphere, users receive quick and high-quality answers from admins, they do not show negativity.
Reddit. Periodically during the day questions are asked and, in the comments, either other users or admins give an answer. There is not very much activity in the comments. Questions about the company are published, etc. There is activity, the comments are live, people share information and recommendations.
Discord - 50858 participants, 8303 online.
There is also a YouTube channel, which currently has 19.5 thousand subscribers, videos are regular. For all the time 1 990 526 views, the average number of views recently is about 1000. The audience is active, there are comments under the video. On Twitter, about 655700 readers. There is high activity, a lot of comments, likes. Discussions are lively and interesting.
Empathy rating b

Timeline: Now let's talk about future and development of the project. Let's start with the fact that Avalanche plans to create new Daaps. About 200-300 are in development. At the Avalanche Summit Hackathon 2022 in Barcelona, it was announced that absolutely any Web3 developer will be able to create gateway applications that do not require permissions: their transactions will not be censored by validators at Avalanche Summit Hackathon 2022 in Barcelona.
Avalanche released an update in the form of the Kyber Network protocol in the second half of 2021. This provided liquidity between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. These moments make the ecosystem attractive for long-term and medium-term investments.

Timeline rating c+

Rating: b / b / b / c+


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