Vision Review made by rate3 at 07 Jun 2020


As we expect that the global blockchain space continues to grow at a record peace of about 80% yearly projected to reach $12 billion in 2022 (according, largely, to unchallenged data supplied by China based "International Data Corporation" or IDC), I do not think that, at this stage, there's a place for doubts about this market's future business potentials ('Volume' is 'a').

However, despite many declarations about successful 'blockchain adaption' (f.e. a year ago Forbes published a list of '50 $1 billion firms that are implementing blockchain technology'), as far as I know, the number of cost-effective corporate DLT platforms is close to none (please, let me know if you have some proved information, which might suggest otherwise).

Moreover, despite the growing number of industries where DLT might have been successfully applied to solve both data timeliness and source verification issues (ranging from 'personal identity' to 'military supplies'), what we are keep seeing is that 'in mass' corps management continues to approach DLT simply 'as a very big shared data storage' pushing in it highly inefficient and outdated standard 'business processes'. At this stage, I can't see how BP stands out from this crowd. Hence 'Singularity' is 'c'.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say so about its force of appeal to potential users ('Empathy' is 'a'). It can be, of course, partially attributed to the good reputation, which its core organizers enjoy in our community. However, I venture to say, that the psychological factor - that of DLT version of the 'hostage stockholm syndrome' - plays no lesser role in that involuntary sympathy.

We are assaulted now from four sides by govs bureaucrats coming from all imaginable ideological dominions. Because of that, when big corporations, which are, of course, an integral part of this system, show their respect to at least some of our values, we fell for that immediately.

As to 'TimeLine' (or 'Timeliness') of BP it's in the range of the firm 'b'. Moreover, given the current developments on the world arena, where 'remote' has already become a slogan of the year, I am compelled to push it even higher to 'b+'.

Result for "Vision" (market): Singularity (project's uniqueness) - Volume (targeted market size) - Empathy (appeal to users) - Timeline (project schedule and long-term strategy): c/a/a/b+