Tokenomics Review made by rate3 at 01 Sep 2020


You've probably have heard from me many times that in my ratings and reviews I am focusing on fundamental tokens analysis completely disregarding trading noise. However, as Heraclitus once said 'everything changes and nothing stands still' :)
Let's start by looking at the BTM trading activity on the spot market monthly charts, which I used the most in my past days, when I had been taking long term positions on various stocks markets).
On both we can see the sharp rise of volumes since the end of Feb 2020 accompanied by the BTM prices stagnation. Classically, it might indicate that some major BTM holders are stealthily increasing their exposure to the market.
Another encouraging sign is that BTM has been lingering slightly above its all times lows for quite a time. Four BTM yearly candles allows me to make some foregone conclusions about the 'Sustainability' of this token, which didn't look good at all the first couple of years since it inception in 2017 when projects market cap had plummeted from above 1 billion to the current about 100 million USD. Unsurprisingly so, for that was the path to go for all the rest of the market.
Accordingly, starting from the winter 2019, BTM rose from aches as everyone else did only to fall back again in the summer (although far less spectacularly). It's been oscillating roughly between 0.1 and 0.05 since then.
Even without looking at all of those pretty old technical indicators, some of which have managed to mislead trading public since 1970th, I can set BTM 'Sustainability' at 'c+' but its 'Value' at 'b'.
The later happened because despite BTM's dramatic demise it continues to attract attention of some allegedly big bags, which might indicate some rising potential accumulating in it. At the same time, the market cap of this relatively small project even on its lowest levels are still in hundreds of millions, which might well be its fair value at the moment.
I have two unassigned BTM ratings left - 'Transactions' (ease and costs of purchase / sale, transfer and storage) and 'Engagement' (how intensive it is used by the public).
Although, BTM is available on more than a dozen exchanges, if you want to withdrew it you will need to download Bytom wallet from their site ( with file size exceeding 60 Mb that process could take quite a while ) and then get through a set up process, which is not a piece of quake also. Still, it is good that you have some storage options wit BTM. Hence,'Transactions' is 'b-'.
On the 'Engagement' side I haven't seen an usage of Bytom outside of holding or trading it on exchanges. At the same time, Bytom explorer shows less than a dozen BTM transactions per day. It makes me to assign 'c+' to 'Engagement' part of the rating.
Result for Trust (Sustainability - Value - Engagement - Transactions): c+/b/c+/b-