Tokenomics Review made by rate3 at 12 Oct 2020


Here we come to the key feature of WaykiChain - its '3-Token Economy Model'.

Quote: 'Three-Token Economy Model Based on The Bottom Layer of WaykiChain (WICC), is composed of WaykiChain public blockchain assets WICC, stablecoin WUSD and the governance coin WGRT.'

Other saying, it's a bit of an artificially created mess.

Wayki platform's main currency is supposed to be WICC, with which users pay for transactions. However, users also have to purchase (by the overblown rate) WUSD, which serves as a 'hostage' money in loans arrangements. On top they sell you WGRT, which 'represents a right responsibility and obligation to participate in community governance'.

Technically speaking there is noting wrong with having on the same platform several digital species powering protocol's separate features. However, from the economic stand point it's not only confuses users but also dissolves the long-term value, at the same time, making it easier for rough players to undermine the stability of the whole system's over-complexity.

We have already seen how it develops on the examples of EOS RAM trading craze and Ethereum periodic Gaz shortages.

Wouldn't be easier to use just one token for transaction, staking and voting? From the market participants' prospective - yes, it would, because it provides a clear demand / supply based mechanism of assets re-distribution through an 'open outcry' on exchanges (sort to say) but it's different from the platform owners' stand point.

Among other things such convoluted Tokenomics structure allows creators to amass more funds by inflating the supply of WICC without the risk of loosing the control over the platform trough withholding most of WGRT out of circulation.

Obviously, not all of Wayki Team are such strong believers in the power of the 'invisible hand' :)

I'm far from suspecting them in any kind of a premeditated malfeasance, but I have to reflect this value dispersity in my ratings. Therefore, 'c+' for 'Value'.

At the same time, such 3-layered coins disposition makes it 'busier' for users to 'move in the ranks' with Wayki those increasing their the 'Engagement'. Hence, 'b+'.

As to long-term 'Sustainability' of Wayki internal Economy it's a bit too early to say because it depends on the rate of protocol adaption among devs and node-runners. At this stage, imho, I'm giving a credit to the Team by assigning 'b' to this side of the rating.

That leaves us with 'Transactions'.

I haven't been using WaykiMax or WaykiTimes - browser and mobile versions of Wayki wallets. So, do not expect me to comment on their quality. Still, it's good Wayki got them both. Additionally, WICC can be bought / sold on several big exchanges, so I do not have internal constraints to have 'Transaction' set on 'b' at this moment.

Result Trust (Sustainability - Value - Engagement - Transaction): b / c+ / b- / b