Vision Review made by rate3 at 12 Oct 2020


The current size of the sports betting market and its growing potential vary widely from several to hundreds billion USD, depending on whom you ask.

Quote (MarketWatch): 'Sports betting market expected to reach $8 billion by 2025'

Quote (YogoNet): 'The sports betting market revenue is projected to expand past USD 134.5 Billion by 2027, according to data provided by Transparency Market'

Therefore, it is difficult to know from what source did WaykiChain WhitePaper's authors gets its '$1.5 Trillion' estimate, unless, of course, it is, yet, another of their 'lost in translation' episodes (see my previous reviews).

Quote: 'Market potential: Every WaykiChain’s targeted industry is worth trillions of dollars. According to a conservative estimation in 2019, the market size of the game guessing (zic!) industry reached USD 1.5 trillion.'

In fact, if we simply Google 'sports betting market of 1.5 trillion', what we get is numerous links to various researches where 1.5 Billion is featured.

Quote (SportsBettingDime): 'With the global sports betting market growing by unbelievable leaps ... in revenue, and are projected to create upwards of $1.5 billion by 2020.'

Quote (TheHustle): ' ... the US sports betting market is expected to be worth about $1.5B next year and ~$2.75B by 2023'

There is only one pretty obscure source, which I managed to found in such a short notice, which puts this number to 1.3 Trillion. This source also recognizes that '90 percent of global sports betting is illegal'.

Quote (CardPlayer): 'An estimated $1.3 trillion, at least, is bet globally on sports every year, according to testimony by an expert on the industry in front of the United Nations.'

Of course, what we all have had learned from our years of commingling with the decentralized movement, the term 'not legal' is highly contentious and has almost nothing to do with 'criminal', 'non-ethical' or 'not just'.

So, it might easily be that you and your buddies playing after-dinner poker and betting 50 cents on the river who are 'not legal' depending on the state, where you live.

So, it can be from where this discrepancy springs, and the Wayki team, simply, plans to make us all (including your buddies) using WICC every time we insert the sentence 'I bet' into our conversation.

Nonetheless, I won't dispute that this market is big and getting bigger (specially, with the rapid advent of on-chain games) but I would be more cautious in my prognosis concerning its size due to its non-structured and, often, highly informal character. Therefore, 'Volume' is 'b+'.

Additionally, a good junk of it is already taken by other participants many of which are much more enrooted (not to mention, hmmm, 'legalized') than Wayki teammates into that industry. 'Singularity' is 'c+'.

Quote (Google): 'World gambling statistics show that around 26% of the population gamble. That means around 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble and 4.2 billion gamble at least once every year.'

Quote (Google): 'According to a Statista survey, almost 50 percent of people 18 years and older in the United States have placed a bet on a sports event at least once in their life.'

Again, we see a discrepancy in numbers even based on those two closely related quotes. However, that is not what I'm trying to summon again. It is this one:

Quote (Gallup Poll, 2019): 'A record-high 69% of Americans now say gambling is morally acceptable'

So, when talking about the 'Empathy' part of the rating I'm facing a question - does this 'acceptance' means that gambling now induces an enthusiastic following or is it just a 'pardoned' vice?

I think, that gambling is more of the later than of the former nature, so it is 'b-' - not 'a'.

On the other hand, I do not have any doubts that if there's some appropriate time to start pushing a concept of the 'on-chained betting' into consumers' narrow field of vision - that time is now, when most users are already chained to their devices, feeling frightened and bored at the same time. So, 'Timing' is 'a'.

Result for Vision (Singularity - Volume - Empathy - Timing): c+ / b+ / b- / a