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RATING UPDATE: DOT prices have fallen much further than those of other big, layer one protocol coins (Sustainability is b-).
There are two reasons which can explain DOT very poor performance during the first phase of the bear market: a limited DOT functionality, which has almost no use outside of Polkastarter (Engagement is b-) and an increased sales pressure coming from VCs and startups.
PolkaDot is one of the most popular projects with VCs, which injected about 200 million of seed funds in it. It now amounts to a high sale-wall preventing any significant DOT price increase. Additionally, many fledgling projects, financed by DOTs through their Polkastarter campaigns in 2021, are now forced to sell more and more DOTs in order to maintain their development activities.
Hence, DOT prices might stay depressed for a longer time compare to some other big marketcap coins (Value is a-). At the same time, much more wallets are now support DOTs than even a year ago, which one of the few factors, which might boost DOT prices with time (Transaction is b+).