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Space: Do you like it?
I love it. The concept behind it is brilliant. This token is an innovative solution to failed or unconfirmed transactions. It comes in to pay the collateral cost. Hence, where it derives its name from. Plus, it doesn't only cover for cyptos alone but Fiats also.

Vitality: Does it make the world a better place?
Yes, in my opinion it will make the world a better place due to the gap it was developed to bridge. Making transactions faster, reducing gas fees, and facilitating transactions to a large market little wonder the supporting block chain is Solana

Existence: Do you trust them?
First I do trust them due to the visibility of their creators and their experienced track records. Secondly, they have been listed on major exchanges like Binance. These shows the teams are really moving towards their goal. It was first listed on Gemini and now It ranks 58 on coinmarket Cap and 60 0n other Exchange and have had a high surge in their price. This year has had quite a lot working for them. So far they have experienced any security breach except the security breach from another defi app (Cream Finance) that lead to its losing clients Amp tokens.

Time: How long will it last?
They will last for a long time I think if they address a few considerations. There are speculations of partnering with Amazon. Secondly due to a large percentage of whales reaching up to 82% is a major consideration of whether the token is really decentralized or not. This is weighing much on investors’ confidence