Review made by Gkolluri at Oct. 11, 2022, 10:13 p.m.

Intro to Kulfy: Kulfy is a protocol for multi-media keyboard as a service. Kulfy helps developers with cloud SDK's which can be integrated in DApps to access their wallets & NFTs in a keyboard. Technology: Rating: B Our team has completed MVP for the keyboard as a service solution. Our goal at this point is to prove that the solution works at scale. We have development roadmap to improve the product over coming weeks. Vision: Rating: B- We have grand vision for the adoption of the keyboard. Current market situation is causing friction point in sales cycles. Keyboard SDK's are getting great applause and support from blockchain foundations. $30k Grant from Polygon. Currently working with 1. Solana mobile stack 2. Celo (blockchain for mobile users) 3. Near (gaming ) Execution: Rating: B+ There is huge shortage of talented resources at the moment. Especially in the web3 skills. We have a solid foundation team. We hired few experienced and fresh developers and training them on regular basis. We are also actively looking to hire few additional resources. Tokenomics: Rating: C We are new to the token ecosystem and there are no active transactions.