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S (c+): The development team of the project continues to work on the testing phase of the product, with a focus on ensuring the architectural concept is sound, as stated in the white paper. Despite the efforts of the team, the current market environment, particularly in regards to regulation, has created challenges for stable coin projects. This has contributed to a shrink in market size and a decrease in overall cryptocurrency capitalization.

V (b-): Despite these challenges, the team is determined to continue moving forward. The responsiveness of the team has been noted as positive, however, their lack of success in raising the next round of funding has become a counterbalance. The markets and high regulatory risks have been identified as the primary reasons for this difficulty in securing additional capital.

E (b): When asked about the possibility of raising capital, the team stated that it is a priority, but the current market conditions make it very challenging. As a result, the focus has shifted to development until the market environment improves.

T (c): The tokens associated with this project are currently facing a lack of liquidity, making it difficult for investors to buy or sell them.