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Security [Code is on the test stage. No Audit. The identity security system is weak. Data accuracy is not independently confirmed.] (c)

Velocity [Projects Developers Community does not exist. Product is supported by founding team only. There are plans (according to WP) to allow users participation in products amendments. No GitHub access.] (c)

Engineering [ There are seven separated modules aimed at different categories of users. The main module - Projection - plots prices of selected assets pairs up to several years in a future. It is based on the assumption that price patterns are repeated periodically. To increase its projections accuracy the model uses different averages of several aggregated periods. The adequacy of such types of modules (f.e. Ichimoku Cloud) has been debated for years. Their prediction power is questionable. Product users interface is rudimentary (and even clunky) at this stage. It requires professional knowledge to be comfortably acquainted with. User manual is deficient. Whitepaper gives only basic introduction into the product. Technical paper is absent.] (b)

Transparency [Currently, product is run on four servers. There are no independent nodes. According to founders plans tokens and NFTs will be used in a future (quote: WP) to motivate three parties: user, data vendor and bot provider (eq). Governance model is highly centralized. Product is run by the leading majority (67 percent) of directors (shareholders and investors) vote. There are no plans to make users part of this model.] (c)

Singularity [The market for trading data analytics is very competitive. Among others it includes (according to information provided by founders): TradingView (very popular trading analytics and charting platform), Tradytics (provides analytics to retail traders), (the automated trading platform) and Collective2 (the algorithmic trading). At the same time, outside of traditional indicators segments (price, fundamental, technical etc) there is the growing sector of on-chain indicators, which founders plan to address through their Decentralized Indicator module.] (c+)

Volume [Founders reported the addressed market size of 41.8 Billion by 2030. The source of this information is not known and it is not mentioned in WP. At the same time, according to public sources: (quote: The global data analytics market size is expected to be worth around USD 346.33 billion by 2030 from valued at USD 31.74 billion in 2021 (eq); (quote: The global stock market software market size was valued at $3.47 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $11.21 billion by 2031 (eq:); (quote: The Global Algorithmic Trading Market Size was valued at USD 13.02 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 31.30 billion by 2030, (eq:). It is very unlikely that the market for trading data analytics will exceed that of the algorithmic trading itself. On the other side, algorithmic trading systems, which are aimed by founders by their Bots module, have been growing in popularity for years and its importance will only increase with a dawn of AI. (quote: Google search) In the U.S. equity market, European financial markets, and major Asian capital markets, algorithmic trading accounts for about 60-75 percent of the overall trading volume. (eq). There are now 416 registered users on the platform (data provided by founders).] (b+)

Empathy [The number of platform followers is very small at the moment (Twitter: 391; TG: none; Discord: 1,863). However, founders claim that they are able to grow it by teaming up with other projects (companies): (quote: founders) we are collaborate with to explore ways to develop trading strategies with indicator aggregation, the quant team (4 people) already started testing our system and the feedback is very positive. The twitter raffle is on the way next week and we expect to have 1K followers in days... (eq)] (c+)

Timing [The Project Road Map extends to 2024 with several major milestones in: Dec 2022 (the Product launch - but only the test version is still available); Mar 2023 (connect to Web3 wallet and token-NFT launch); Dec 2023 (API connect to all major exchanges and series-A raising); Jun 2024 (Token listing). Overall, the goal of connecting to all exchanges in less than a year after MVP launch looks overly-ambitious. Besides, fund raising just after that does not provide enough space for valuation growth (not to mention the bear market which is likely to continue well beyond 2023)] (c+)

Solution [ The current revenue model is fees based with two tiers of users: professionals and free. Revenue stream is essentially zero at the moment: 50 (fifty) USD revenue and 100 (one hundred) expenses is reported by founders. The projected revenues are not known (data was not provided)] (c+)

Validity [ Project is based in the Bay Area (CA, USA). Project company currently undergoes registration as the Delaware Corp.] (b)

Equity [ Project ownership distribution: 40% CEO, 20% CTO, 15% CPO, 25% Option pool. The Bay Area based Accelerator, where this project is incubated owns 0.25%. There is no lead-investor.] (c+)

Team [ Founders Team includes: R. Y. W. (CEO), Ph.D., a graduate (with honors, 2018) of one of the leading US University (deep learning algorithms), worked in one of the Fortune 100 company (money transmission business) as a Research Scientist for 4 years; J. W. (CTO), Ph.D., graduated (with honors) from The US University (Computer Science), also worked at the same corporation (as an intern, less than a year); Y. P. (CPO), Ph.D.; the same University as R. Y. W. (2016, Biomedical Engineering, with honors), worked for 4 years as an Algorithm Engineer in a medical devices company based in San Diego, California. Another member of the team is J. H. - Web3.0 influencer, from leading French Business School (2015), worked in France for several international corporations (banks and consulting companies) as a financial analytic. ] (b+)

Sustainability [ No investment rounds. ] (c)

Value [Projects Valuation is 8 Million (pre-money). No tokes are issued or NFTs at this stage (it is planned in 2023)] (c)

Engagement [No known investors engagement. Project is fully owned by founders (with the insignificant participation of the accelerator).] (c)

Transaction [The proposed Investment Vehicle is SAFE. It is illiquid at the moment. The Exit scenarios is not defined. Founders Ask: (quote: Founders) In total, we wish to get 750K for pre-seed and wish to find a US-based VC lead the investment, but we are open to any check size, angel investors are also very welcome! (eq)] (c+)