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The project is also decentralized, and it offers a recovery tool that can transfer assets out of the original wallet if access has been lost. The recovery mechanism is built upon the users' individual DAO smart contract and a quorum of chosen validators, which does not require seed phrases. However, there is a lack of information on the consensus algorithm, which is an essential component of any decentralized platform. Potential users need to understand how the project achieves consensus and ensures the integrity of the platform. There are positive indicators of transparency and security in the financial standards of the project. The code audit review, which assessed the system's security and stability, found the code to be well-structured, modular, and free from significant security vulnerabilities, which is a good sign.

The presence of a large developer team is a positive sign as it provides additional support and makes the platform easy to use. The incorporation of a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, further reinforces the project's decentralized nature. Overall, while there are some gaps in information, the positive indicators of transparency, security, and decentralization suggest that the project may be a viable option for those looking for a decentralized financial platform.

The project aims to solve the problem of lost wallet keys and seed phrases in the cryptocurrency market. While the presence of competitors may seem daunting, it indicates a viable market for the product or service offered. To distinguish itself from the competition, this project uses a patented technology based on DAO and Web 3.0, enabling users to recover a wide range of crypto assets without the need for seed phrases or passwords.
The total addressable market size for the project is estimated at 420 million, signaling significant potential for growth. However, despite the vast market size, the project has only been able to onboard thirty-three users to date.

To gauge the community's interest in the project, it has a reasonable number of Twitter followers, currently standing at 3,956. The number of Telegram followers is also substantial, at 2,500. These metrics indicate that the project has some level of engagement and interest in the market.
The project has a roadmap, indicating that it has a plan for its development and is committed to achieving its goals. It has successfully adhered to the milestones outlined in its timeline. Currently, the project is scheduled to close its seed round, undergo audits, conduct a full product and test check, ramp up its marketing campaign, develop its backend, and initiate negotiations with other blockchain-based companies for potential partnerships.

The project targets a significant problem in the cryptocurrency market and uses patented technology to differentiate itself from the competition. Despite having only onboarded a limited number of users to date, the project has a roadmap and has adhered to its milestones, indicating a commitment to development and growth. With a large potential market size, it is poised for growth and success in the future. Its business model is centred around subscription plans and a recovery commission. However, there is no information available about the profitability of the project at this time. To provide a cost-effective and affordable service, the platform uses staking and discounts that can be paid using stablecoins, native tokens, and partner project tokens.

The project is registered as an LLS, and no proof of incorporation or KYC/AML policy is currently available. Detailed information about the project's economics is under a non-disclosure agreement, which limits public access to this information. While the project has partnerships with companies details about their involvement are not publicly available at this time. However, these partnerships indicate some level of collaboration and potential for future growth.

The project's founder has founded other companies and has over 20 years of experience in international jurisprudence. The management team comprises three members, while the auxiliary team consists of an impressive 4,500 developers, marketers, and designers. This vast team provides additional support and makes the platform easy to use and scalable.

This project has completed a private seeding round of $1 million, and the ROI projections for 2025 are estimated at an impressive 4,377%. This suggests that an investment of $0.05 would be valued at $2.28 in 2025, which is a significant return on investment. However, the Sharpe ratio, which measures risk-adjusted returns, is currently under NDA, and therefore, it is challenging to evaluate the project's risk-adjusted returns.

The project's total token supply is 1,000,000,000. However, the shareholders' list or token ownership by address is not available, which could indicate a low level of engagement. Despite this, the token can be purchased, and insurance policies can be bought through the project's official website. The platform has already raised over 950 insurance policies worth over $500,000, indicating a certain level of user adoption.

In summary, the project's business model relies on subscription plans and a recovery commission, with the platform providing cost-effective and affordable services through staking and discounts. While limited information is available about the project's profitability and economics, partnerships with other companies indicate a potential for growth. The project is registered as an LLS, and the founder and management team have extensive experience in law and development, respectively. With a massive team of developers, marketers, and designers, the project is poised for success and scalability.

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