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Yield Analytics & Portfolio Management App

The system, described as a yield analytics and portfolio management app, targets the Global Asset Management market, with a Total Addressable Market (TAM) estimated at $100 trillion. The product boasts a user base of 12,000 individuals, indicating an existing market presence.

Vision (V): Market and Competition

Competitors include:
- Beefy: is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It aims to automate yield farming strategies, allowing users to maximize their returns by automatically compounding and optimizing their assets across various liquidity pools and yield farming opportunities;
- Phuture: is a decentralized protocol focused on synthetic assets and prediction markets. It enables users to create, trade, and invest in synthetic assets representing real-world assets. The platform integrates elements of decentralized finance and prediction markets to provide users with diverse financial opportunities;

The addressed market size and competitive landscape emphasize a significant opportunity within the global asset management space. The transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance model signals a commitment to decentralization and community involvement.

Execution (E): Business Model, Team, and Finance

Business Model: The business model revolves around management and performance fees, providing a clear revenue stream.
Team: A compact team of 5 tech members and 9 employees indicates efficiency. The plan to transition to a DAO governance model aligns with decentralized principles.
Finance: With a burn rate of $10k/month, an 8-month runway, and a breakeven point at 16 months, the financials suggest a cautious approach. Funding history includes a pre-seed round in January 2023 ($180k) and a community sale in October 2021 ($250k). The ask and project valuation stand at $1.2M with a fully diluted valuation of $8.9M.
Legal Structure: the incorporation is in the Netherlands.

Token (T): Financial Proposition and Token Details

Financial Proposition: Token ownership, represented by the SAFT investment vehicle, indicates a strategic approach to financing.
Token Details: With 56 million tokens at $0.16 per token, the token's share price and supply are defined. The exit strategy envisions acquisition by a larger asset manager, media company, or fintech.

The system's focus on yield analytics and portfolio management, coupled with a vision targeting the vast global asset management market, positions it as a competitive player. The execution plan, team efficiency, and financial strategy demonstrate a thoughtful approach. The transition to DAO governance and a commitment to decentralization add a layer of resilience. Token details and the SAFT investment vehicle highlight a strategic financial proposition.