Report 'The System Of Happiness' by rate3 at 07 Aug 2021

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World is ruled by the power of guns. Guns are in the hands of bureaucracies, which are mostly composed of those who inherited their positions from their parents belonging to small privileged groups, clenching to power for generations. Those groups had been formed as a result of the darwinian process, during which geographically and climatically privileged regions had been gradually taken and then hold tight by migrating groups of humans all coming from the centers where the homo sapience specie is known to be born. Homos can only live as a part of the Earth ecosystem, which constantly changes, making old human habits and norms obsolete and dangerous.

Humans are not unique Earthly possessors of intellect. Many other species are known to have some rudimentary intellectual abilities, which can be trained and passed from generation to generation. However, as a result of influence of a number of factors, some of which remain poorly understood, humans managed to evolve to demonstrate the much greater capacity for social, organized activities paradoxically coupled with an individual ingenuity than any other living organisms. With time humans had gradually brought themselves in larger and larger inter-connected groups, capable to effectively pass the accumulated experiences from parents to children.

Although an ingenuity and an ability to learn are not uniquely human characteristics, those abilities together with capacities to process, to keep and, then, to transfer increasingly large amounts of information has lead to the progress of humans' power to withstand the constant changes in Earth's ecosystem.

With that the speed with which the information is processed and new technologies are adapted by human civilizations is crucial to its survival capabilities and is proportional to its size. Meaning that the large civilization are more vulnerable to minor environmental changes. At the same time, as a civilization grows in size, the amount of processed information rises exponentially, which makes it progressively more difficult to process.

Finally, when a civilization is fully bureaucratized, the decision making either comes to a hold or small elites take it completely in their hands to propel self-interest agendas. It leads to the civilizational collapse after it becomes incapable to react on negative signals coming from its bottom to the top and to speedily invent new methods to defend itself from the changing environment conditions.

In our days this historic process of over-centralization and power hijacking results in the world-system which is lead by the gigantic, super-national bureaucracy trying to evolve to the stage when it is capable to control every human being with the global surveillance machine and to subvert it to its political will by psychologically attuned communication technologies.

However, in twenty first century, this process of establishing the total bureaucratic control over the whole planet under the name of 'political stability and economic prosperity' takes indefinite time required to align urges of multiple national elites and leads to the progressively growing resistance rising from the bottom of the human society, which becomes more and more materially disenfranchised from the tops.

Naturally, it greatly increases the risk of the global catastrophic disintegration either as a result of one national elite group attempting to force its hand and using force to bring the rest of national bureaucracies to the unity or because of an unpredictable event has severe consequences, which reverberate through the over-centralized governance structures, gradually augmenting in size and eventually collapsing all of them at once.

On the other hand, thanks to an unique human ability to change its own reality by a cheer force of the invention, there is still a possibility for us to avoid an inevitable. This possibility lies in converting the global catastrophic disintegration into the global disintegration movement.

It has already started with the invention of an unique algorithms-based consensus mechanism, which allows large, geographically spread human groups to consort their multiple wills into the one decision making and implementation process.

Coupled with decentralized systems of recording and keeping almost unlimited amount of incorruptible data, it will allow to create multiple fluid governance structures spread across the planet, which will be able to self-adapt to the natural requirements of the every individual human being on Earth.

It is still unclear how much time it will take to implement those decentralization mechanisms among the critical mass of a larger world-population and how much violence super-national and national bureaucracies will be able to apply trying to eradicate or to sabotage those technologies and their inventors.

It is possible that this fight for the decentralization becomes the fight for the human survival and the stakes in this fight are as high as the complete annihilation of the human race from the face of the globe on one side verses the creation of the System Of Happiness on the other.